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My Photographic Journey

The two cameras in this photograph were a big part of my life growing up.

My dad taught me how to use a camera with the Yashika on the right and would you believe it, his Dad taught him how to use a camera with the fold out Agfa on the left!

I feel so lucky to still have both of them.

I work as a family photographer in and around Henley on Thames & Marlow and my photographic journey started literally with the camera on the right.

My Dad was the son of a coal miner from Manchester. He was bright and went on to university after grammar school. He was very enthusiastic about everyting he did and one of those things was photography. He taught me about the relationship between shutter speed, aperture and ISO and then set up all the equipment for develping film in my bedroom!

It was like magic seeing those images just appear in front of us.

Arthur Ainsworth died around five years ago and he would have been that I got his photography bug.

Anyway, years later we're in the digital age of cameras. Are they better?

I'm not sure. I use Nikon's finest cameras and lenses. This puts you at a distinct advantage but you still need to have the ability see life as a constant opportunity for a good photograph and also be able to manually set the three parameter's that will give you the a good exposure.

When I walk around I often use my eye's as a camera and blink for the shutter as I hear the phrase in my head "There's a photograph"

I've been lucky enough to photograph many families in and around Henley on Thames and Marlow but I prefer the descriptives "Life Photography" and "Reportage Photography"

Reportage photography is a phrase that's been borrowed from the journalistic profession but it's spot on when describing my style.

Our time together may only be a few hours but I'll capture it and you'll be able to put it on your wall.

That's your wall in your house, not your facebook wall.

This leads me to my final point.

Print your photographs!

Look at them in the real world on your wall. If they're good they will will make you smile every time you walk past them.


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