I must admit that as far as photography goes I'm a little bit obsesssed with light.

It's now May 6th and and everthing is starting to come to life, leaves are starting to open up, the bluebells have a kind of electric blue colour to them and life generally is becoming full of colour.

Good photography is within the reach of everybody.

The iphone 6 has a fantastic camera and third party developers can create app's for the camera too. Manual is an app that allows you to control the cameras shutter speed and iso and this is a great step forward as far as control goes if that's what you want.

My point, is that what you have is a device in your pocket that can improve your photography immeasurably

if you take a little time to understand the abundant resource called light.

Contrast within photography is the difference between the light and dark areas.

Get your iphone now and turn on the torch. If you shine the torch directly above back of your hand it looks flat but as soon as you move the torch down and to the right you get shadows caused by veins and wrinkles. Understanding that the position of your light source and the effect that it will have on your photograph is a skill that you'll need to take better pictures.

My daughter and I walked the dogs late yesterday afternoon and she said to me "dad, look at the light"

The bottom of the sun was just touching the horizon and it took just five minuits for the sun to dip out of view. The light was just beautiful, it was red and warm and more importantly you could look right at it without straining your eyes.

The trees were casting 50 ft shadows across the field that we were in because the light source was so low.

The next time that your out just as the sun touches the horizon get them to look at the sun and then stand between them and the sun, move to the left slightly so that you see a small butterfly wing shaped shadow created by the nose and then "click"

There's your photograph.

I obviously dont use an iphone for my professional work, but I have taken some great photographs with it because I understand light and I hope that this will send anyone that wants to improve the same way.

I'll end with some of my photographs that demonstrate light at the begining and end of the day.





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